DIY Glam Halloween Decor

Hi again! Who else is excited that it’s finally October?! October is by far my favorite month of the year because of the weather, Halloween, and it’s my birth month! Halloween is also my mom’s birthday, so every year we go all out with decorations and celebrating the whole month of October! This year I decided to decorate my room, but as I mentioned in my first post which you can read here, I’m redoing my room and my color scheme is white, grey, and silver! If you’re anything like me you want everything to match and be in one color palette, so it made sense to fit my Halloween decorations into my theme! This is another super simple and fun DIY project to dress up Halloween decorations and fit them into any color scheme! If you want to see how I did it, keep reading!

What you will need:

Any type of Halloween decoration. I used a ceramic skull that I got from Michael’s that was originally $13 but was on sale for 40% off. I also used a plastic cat skeleton figurine, also from Michael’s that was originally $12, it was also 40% off so I got it for about $7, and a plastic pumpkin that I got from the dollar store.

Spray paint (Literally there is nothing you can’t fix with spray paint). I used a metallic hammered pewter spray paint that I got from home depot for about $6, and the same silver spray paint that I used on my mirror in my first post.

Scrap paper

So pretty much all that is to this project is spray painting your decorations with whatever color paint you chose and making sure to do it outside on some scrap paper. Here are a few pictures of what each decoration looked like before I sprayed them and after I sprayed them with just the hammered metallic grey spray paint.

I really liked how the hammered texture spray paint looked on these. I wasn’t planning on putting any other color on them but then my mom gave me the idea to put the bright silver metallic spray paint on them to give it a little more dimension. I basically just put one thin coat of the metallic silver on the top parts of the cat and the pumpkin to almost give it an ombre effect, and I LOVE how it turned out! I also sprayed the teeth of the skull with the silver so that they really stood out (and it almost looks like he has a grill which was not my intention but I’m definitely not mad about it lol). Spraying two different colors or two different shades of the same color is where you get to be creative with the decorations instead of just spraying it one color and calling it a day! Here’s how all of the decorations looked after I sprayed them with the silver (such a cool difference!)

I had so much doing this super quick and simple DIY project to get in the spirit of Halloween! Here’s how I ended up styling the decorations throughout my room! (The garland that I hung around my vanity mirror is from the dollar store and I LOVE how it looks around the lights of my mirror, especially when the lights are turned on!)(If you’re wondering where I got my vanity mirror you can find it here!) I also bought some black roses from party city for about $3 each to put in the eyes of the skull and I love how that turned out as well! I used the remainder of the stems from the roses that still had leaves on them to stick into the flower arrangement that I already had sitting on my desk just to add a little something to them to make it Halloween-y hehe. I also bought the glass skull container from Michael’s for about $3 and I filled it with none other than my favorite…CANDY CORN!

That’s all for today! I hope you enjoyed this super simple little craft project and let me know which finished decoration is your favorite (Mine is definitely the cat, because: 1. I’m a cat lady and 2. The spray paint turned out SO cool on it). If you liked this DIY post make sure you check out my other post DIY Inexpensive Glam Mirror! Leave a comment to let me know if you would want to see more DIY’s!

Xo, Ty

P.S. I may or may not be starting a youtube channel in conjunction with my blog…stay tuned 😉

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